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Manglik Dosh in Astrology and its reality

Manglik dosh: Most of the good opportunities are lost due to dilemma of Manglik. Our horoscope has 12 houses each of 30 degree. Each house represents different aspects of life. 1st house is for self, 2nd for family/finance, 3rd for communications/networking, 4th mother/vehicles/home,5th for creativity/children,6th for disease & conflicts, 7th for wife/partner,8th for sudden events, 9th for travel/religion,10th for career,11th for gains,12th for losses. When mars is placed in 1st/4th/7th/8th/12th house, it give rise to manglik dosh. 

Manglik dosh in astrology – myth and reality

Mars is our kinetic energy which is responsible for our each and every action on physical and mental level. Mars has Trishul in hand through which it can beam 3 rays at angle 90,180 and 210 degree. These rays stimulate 4th (90 degree) house, 7th (180 degree) house and 8th (210 degree) house from location of mars in horoscope. These rays are like α, β, γ rays each having different qualities and penetrating power in increasing order.

Case1: when mars is in 1st house, it affects 1st house by sitting there and aspects 4th, 7th and 8th house. 1st is house is of self and mars is will of the person. With this position, person shows excess of self which builds ego. I do this or I did this etc are the words spoken. The person is very active, aggressive and intolerant of others. He cannot sit at one place as energy pushes him to move. His actions involve movement and haste. He is frequently seen reading while moving, turning pages frequently, and changing topics of study frequently etc.

This mars shall beam his alpha ray on 4th house.4th house is house of inner peace, vehicle, mother, home/shelter etc. Mars will activate this house on 2 levels first on mental and other on physical. If moon is in calm and fixed sign like Taurus or Aquarius, moon will absorb mars energy to great extent and utilize this in creative channel and reducing harm to 4th house affairs considerably if any. Now if moon is in movable sign Aries/cancer/Libra/Capricorn, it will activate mind differently eg. Moon in Aries with mars aspect shall put mind on high alert. Cancer moon aspected by mars shall boil the water of cancer giving rise to suppressed emotions. Libra moon having 4th aspect of mars shall struggle for balance in 4th house affairs while Capricorn moon aspected by mars shall use energy for practical works for long duration such as in building and construction works. This is one aspect of mars and how its energy will be used.

The second ray of mars as I call it beta ray has more strength and penetrating power and it falls on 7th house. 7th house is for wife, partnership, travels, and relations with others. This mars beam shall activate these affairs and watches the response of beam whether it is absorbed or reflected. If these rays are absorbed by partner, there shall be no danger to harmony between them. There are lot many activities denoted by 7th house and if there is harmful inclination of mars towards partner it can be diverted in other activities to reduce harm if any. In analysis of manglik the role of planet Venus is of paramount importance since it is planet of attraction/love/lust/attachment and acts as glue to bind both partners. If 7th and 1st houses are linked with Venus, there is no danger of quarrels or separation and energy shall flow through love and sex.

The third ray of mars is gamma and it is most powerful having great penetrating power.8th house is house of transformation via surgery. As in surgery unwanted portion is taken off for the betterment and survival, similarly on mental level surgery calls for leaving out unwanted thoughts and become pious to enter in the temple of next 9th house which is temple/religion house. In nut shell here you are stripped off unwanted things and thoughts. Here mars energy should be used properly as this house of murder, intense/perverted sex, drugs and divorce etc. This is house of meditation also and if this mars energy is used in meditation or studying mystery books/ carrying out research works, harmful effects can be easily diverted. Such person must be given task to tackle and arrange home in the manner he/she wants and see the miracle. There shall be perfect harmony as you have channelized this energy in the task of his/her choice and left with no more energy for any harm.

It is universal law that sum of energy is constant. The sum of energy radiated by mars in 3 directions is constant and if you can divert this energy to one house more, you will get reduced energy in other house after all this is subtle philosophy behind use of stones. This makes us very clear that surface area and refractive index of stone is of paramount importance rather than advising 5/6 rattis stone etc. Moreover stones rearrange energy and their impacts on houses should be considered properly if stone is at all required. Mars has natural affinity with Venus which can act as best absorber of extra energy of mars. Venus represents all acts involving fun, beauty, sports, sex etc. If a person is having manglik dosh in horoscope, even then one can bring smile and harmony in family by understanding where to use his/her energy of his/her interest area with safety. This can be very well managed with thorough analysis of horoscope after all there is always umbrella for rain and shelter house for even nuclear invasion. Think positive you will see light of happiness.

About Shukla Pandit

Vedic Astrologer

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  1. Very Informative article Shukla Panditji. My mars is in 4th house in capricorn? Can u pls give a general description of it?

  2. A girl or boy or both is considered as a manglik. There are 12 houses in the person’s horoscope and if mars is placed in the lagna house means in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house. Moreover, the placement of mars in any of these 6 houses denoted Mangal dosh. It assumes the greatest significance in a person’s marriage or married life in judging the compatibility, sexual act, harmony, child-birth, and passion. It may or may not be harmful, only on the person’s horoscope.Role of mars in marriageMars is considered as a fierce planet that is why it has given much significance in match making. Here are its significances:

    • In 1st house placement, this planet may make person violent and aggressive.
    • The 2nd house signifies the immediate family or kutumbh and placement of mars in this house cause problems in domestic life.
    • Mars in 4th house signifies mental life and comfort of family.
    • Placement of mars in 7th house means in lagna house can brings misunderstandings.
    • The 8th house denotes the age longevity after marriage (Suhaag Bahva)
    • The 12th house in marriage denotes happiness and financial losses.

    Hence, placement of mars in above houses can bring danger to spouse or self. But for marriage, the counting of mars in these houses is done along with the moon and Venus. Because it is not necessary that all the parameters in the above house bring negative effect on marriage. When the manglik dosh detected, then the house is severely detected with only position of mars in that particular house.Effect of maglik dosh on marriageThe worst and severe effect of mars in lagna, 4th, 7th, 8, or 12th house of the kundli is spouse’s death. This is the final result when Mars is with any malefic association. Sometimes, separation or divorce take place as a result of mangal dosh. Now why mars creates such outcome after marriage, it is all because of the fiery nature.Mangal dosh characteristics

    • Person having mars as powerful planet in horoscope possess aggression, confidence, will power, and hot-tempered as its fiery nature.
    • Its negative effect is competition, conflict, arguments, intolerance, dominion etc
    • Have lot of energy and needs to be channelized properly, else it can become destructive.
    • It causes tension in married life and hence results in loss of mental peace and discord of bond.
    • If the birth day of the person is Tuesday, then mangal dosh can be nullified
    • Two mangaliks can marry each other because it nullifies the effect.
    • If one person has mars in 6 above houses and other person has Rahu/ketu in above 6 houses, then in this case mangal dosh nullifies.

    Other planet’s effect on Mangal DoshNot so be afraid, if you have mangal dosh because it effect may get lessen with other parameters and marriage can be recommended on the basis of those parameters.

    • The planets placed in Kendra and Trikona can increase the glee in marital life.
    • Malefic planet in 3rd, 6th, and 11th house may make the kundli strong, also this aids in checking the –ve factors associated with marriage.
    • If mars is in its own house, it normally do not cause any adverse effect. So, if it is placed in Scorpio or Aries in manglik position, its harm get lesser.
    • If Jupiter gets placed with mars, it will reduce manglik dosh.
    • If mars is combined with Saturn, it is believed that it will neglect the manglik dosh.


  3. Nice content you are providing. I read it fully. Thanks for posting.

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