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My dob-03 April 1986 time-15:05 place-kolkata.please tell my career and future.

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Sumit 2 years 2 Answers 426 views 1

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  1. @sumit, pls ask your question in specific way so that it can be answered properly by judging your horoscope. Do not generalize your question pls ( career and future.). Career and and future is very vast area so pls specify your question in detail, not in short. thanks šŸ™‚

  2. Hello Sumit , what would u like to know about your career? Is there a particular job that wish to know you will get or not , is there a particular project u are intending to start which u want to know will flourish or not ? What exactly do u want to know ..
    Be very specific and I shall do my best to give u my outcome .
    Warm wishes,

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