Dear Sir ,
I m in a relationship since 4 years i want to can we get love marriage .
my name is:- Vaishali Bhatia
Dob:- 15.9.1994
Time:- 12.02AM(Approx)
City :- Delhi India
His Details:- Vishal Pokhriyal
DOB:- 28.7.1989
Time:- 03.58am
City:- Talwara Punjab

Sir plz reply me i waiting

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  1. Psychic / tarot insight :- Hello Vaishali , first of all Congratulations …that you have met the person whom you want to be with for rest of your life . This in itself is a blessing . The oppurtunity has already been brought to both of you by the universe. The cementing force ” love” is also present , else you would not be wanting each other for entire life.
    Now what you make of this , is dependent on your determination and action in this regard. Even when food is placed on the table, one will have to make effort of putting it in mouth with use of hands. Likewise, the want is present in both, the oppurtunity has been given by God , if you both make the effort to get married , you will achieve your desire. If u don’t, or if you have less determination , then u will lose each other.
    Vaishali , It’s your action n effort that determine the outcome. Merely confirming a potential via astrology/ any other prediction means does not mean a guarantee of desired outcome. Fortune tellers can tell u that there is strong possibility or no possibility by observing supporting/ influencing factors. It is your FREE WILL that finally brings about outcomes. Feel empowered to drive your life in the direction you would like it to go. You are in the drivers seat ….

  2. Sorry it a private answer.

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