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Date of birth:17/03/1994 time:17:03
Place: ahmednagar, maharashtra.
I failed in my 12th standard in the year 2011. Thereafter tried to pursue chartered accountancy course but didn’t pass the second exam. Left it.
Currently i am into father’s business of flour wheat and pulses wholeseller.
Please guide as to father’s business is good for me? What actually I’d become regarding my career? Please help.

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Mohit Nawlani 2 years 2 Answers 2645 views 0

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  1. I have judged your rashi chart only and prediction on the basis of that. Your 10th house lord is in 8th house and Ketu is there in 10th. These are the main points. Some other astrological combinations are also present, not mentioning here otherwise this answer will become very lengthy. In conclusion: you should be in your father’s business according to my calculation. Please consult a good astrologer for more in detail analysis. because in career related matters d10 also should be judged for a more perfect prediction.

  2. I am also agree with @shukla pandit ji.

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