Chances of selling my current residential house and moving to another place


When can I move to another location?

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  1. Your birth details are missing, but still if u want to judge your own horoscope I can give some clues so that you can find out your answer yourself, pls let me know whether you want to know those astrological rules or not…

  2. Psychic/ tarot insight- u lack what it takes to get to that point. Im talking about energy. You want to… But , until this becomes a complete desire/ need i don’t see it happening. Based upon my findings, the combination of chariot and hermit tell me you are somewhat distracted from your goal, u wish to pursue it but u are not actually doing the tasks that can progress you . You are aware of these. You have encountered some adversities n a bigger part of you wants to relax n take a deep breath , while the mind says get moving. I see this thought energy has potential to pick up momentum in 2018, there will be some surges in Spring time , this will be associated with changes in work.
    Hope that helps you my dear ,
    Best regards,

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