divorce – if I will have the divorce or not


my Dob 17th april 1986
time of birth 4-56pm
place of birth kolkata
my husbands Dob 21st april 1984
time of birth 10-14pm
place of birth Bagdogra west bengal
my husband has filed for divorce and the final hearing is in October 1st week
can you tell me if I will have the divorce or not
think you

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Sonia Majumdar Sengupta 2 years 20 Answers 867 views 1

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  1. Sorry to know, divorce is not the final solution. as far as your birth chart is concern, I do no think you will get divorce this time, on the date you mentioned, because your dasa is not supporting. In your horoscope this time period is not indicating towards final divorce it can any other time, I have judged it but not that time October 1st week you mentioned. To be sure pls consult an experienced astrologer, because only an experienced astrologer who judge a lot of horoscopes everyday can give you the answer more accurately.

  2. I am agree with you #dipti on some facts about consultation what you recommended, but on which ground you are saying that she will not get divorce, can you tell me? according to my analysis she will divorce, the period she mentioned.

  3. hello dipti is right i guess as I found out there is no divorce in my and my hu bands kundli charts

  4. please can you tell me what all did you see in our life my marital life kids career and about my husband

  5. Hello Sonia Majumdar . Hope u have been alright .I have been following your wuery. Such questions are usually straightforward daily work for seasoned psychics and clairvoyants. May I ask the first alphabet of your husband’s name ? Would you like me to provide you an answer from the via psychic realm ? You are very welcome
    Have a good day .. V

  6. yes my husbands name is Abhishek first letter is A

  7. Sonia – I’ve had a look. Yes the divorce shall progress.
    In the immediate future, there is likely to be slowness and a deadlock situation, which can make u feel it’s not happening . But, it will pick up speed after wards.
    There will be some conversations that can influence both your minds and make u partially want to pull back, but that effect will be temporary. Proceedings will gain momentum after that.
    Spiritual Advise- nothing is set in stone . U can alter the course of events, if at all u wish you. ie given the energy which is set in motion at this point in time , ur divorce shall take place Yes.
    But If u set ur mind on not letting it happen, u have the power to stop it. Regardless of what u chose to do, the relationship between you both is severely damaged I must say. U are unlikely to draw any emotional contentment from this now or in the future.
    Hope that helps you .
    Warm Wishes,

    • I live in colorado it’s a default State
      my hearing is in 1st week of October
      so can my husband revoke or take the divorce back?

    • And ofcourse yes im do not want this divorce but in this state it is one sided
      And if this happens do I have a 2nd marriage
      and how about my children

    • And I would want to tell you there is nothing in this world that is severely damaged
      Everything can be repaired it takes time
      honestly I beleive in birth chart cuz they tell us a lot of incidents and both our birth charts do not have a divorce
      which I have confirmed thru many astrologers

    • And I have decided to not let the divorce happen
      my faith in God and patience will surely fetch me Good results by God’s grace and the astrologers that I have consulted According to mine and my husbands Biryh chart we do not have a divorce
      and as you said I have the power to stop it if I want
      hoping and praying for the same

  8. Hello so the divorce has been filed in the usa I’m in the usa
    so in the state that I live is colorado it is a default State
    one sided
    October 1 st week is the hearing
    so what do you say will he take the divorce back?

  9. Sonia – Your relation is damaged beyond repair. If divorce is withdrawn , it only means another short period of life filled with distress, confusion and no emotional peace. Sorry to say that. But this is what the energies are saying.
    I don’t see him withdrawing it as per the current energy level. If u made a massive effort, there is a chance of reconsideration/ withdrawal.
    I wud not advise you to influence the matters. Allow the divorce to go through as the core element at the bottom of this – the relationship between both of you is critically damaged. He will not last and you will have no joy in the time u gain with him, despite ur massive efforts. Tears, hurt and destruction will impact. Allow him to go. This cycle has to end for a new cycle of life to begin for you and him.
    I wish you abundance of strength in this hard time .
    Warm Wishes ,

  10. I respect the view that a divorce or family break up should be the last resort.
    But in your case, he has no ability to provide happiness should u save the divorce from happening. If u can, I’d say encourage it, because it wud be far better to have a divorce and be free than be seperated but married on paper for life time.

  11. God bless you , take care .
    Best regards,

  12. Hari Om,
    After consulting both of your charts and through energy readings, I can see that you have the traits of a very successful person who will enjoy name, fame and popularity if you follow the path of honesty and truth. However, you may fall into very dangerous misfortunes due to misguidances if you are not careful. Avoid drugs, self harm and dishonest means at all costs. I can see a lot of other troubles in your life apart from marital problems at the moment, but all will pass with time. This marriage has the potential to destroy your life and lead to depression, mental illness and lifelong suffering if you stay in it. Best course of action for you would be to let the divorce happen as soon as possible. If you try to drag it, it might ignite a cycle of misfortunes and stop your chances second marriage. A mutual divorce, while trying to remain in good terms with your current husband, will lead to a very quick second marriage, which will be much more satisfactory. Your second marriage will be much more satisfactory. You may have some difficulties in conceiving but will have chidren from your second marriage.

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