Does ketu have any aspects or drishti ?


Sir, many astrologers opine that ketu has aspect drishti same like rahu in astrology, some do not agree with this rule, it has confused me a lot, nowadays it is affecting my prediction also. can u tell me which one is true? should i apply hetu’s drishti while judging horoscope?

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  1. Yes, you are right, many astrologers also count Ketu’s aspect like Rahu in astrology. Here I can share my perception and knowledge only. In long years of experience, i have not seen any effect of Ketu due to its aspect (so called). My guru used to say the same too.
    Ketu is the tail of the dragon and Rahu is the head or in another way Ketu do not have a head at all, if you go by scriptures so dristi without head not possible.
    While learning any subject you will come across many contradictory opinions, do not concentrate on all. You need to follow one path or system. After learning that system clearly then go on research… God Bless You…

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