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Hi, My name is Veni and I have recently joined this forum. I shall be very grateful if our talented astrologers would please assist me with their opinion on the below question regarding myself.
I have been toying with the idea of starting my PhD in Physiotherapy after having practiced as a senior clinician for 12 years. However, I have also had a calling by the spiritual world about 10 years back and a greater part of me now feels compelled to devote significant time to developing and getting fully absorbed in spirituality, meditation and alleviating people\’s distress with use of my existing psychic skills.
I would like to know from astrology perspective ——
1> is there any indication in my chart for further studies like PhD ? Would I achieve the desired success in next 3 years ?
2> Is there any indication in my chart for spiritual development and advancement? I have been a psychic clairvoyant for about 10 years , and I have been experiencing remote viewing since 5 months , this began on its own.

My DOB is 6th Jan 1978, place of birth is Kuwait, Kuwait City and Time was 8:20 Am. I live in London though.
Thanks very much in advance to each of you for your time and kind advise .
Best Regards,

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