I am going through marital issues


Hi Sir, this is Karthik from Pune.. My DOB : Oct 7th 1986, Time: 12:05 AM place: Sattenapalle My Spouse DOB: Nov 1st 1992, Time: 18:PM, place: Vinukonda I am going through marital issues, i got married on April 15th 2015.. Since then we hardly live together. I am very new to astrology and all, but after going through your blog tried to go through my and spouse birth chart. In my chart, Saturn is in 8th house, Jupiter is in 11th house and Rahu is in 12th house. Moon, Mercury and Venus in 7th house Sun and Kethu are in 6th house. In my spouse chart: Mercury, Venus and Rahu all are in 8th house Jupiter is in 6th house Sun is in 7th house. So, does it mean I will get divorce from her mutually? please guide me to understand the planetary positions. Not sure about planet positions (i have calculated as per 12 rasis positions i guess, ex: Tula rasi i have counted it as 7th house) Thanks in advance, Karthik 



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  1. You have described here both of your chart’s planetary position very nicely, here I am going with your descriptions only. You have mentioned also that you have read my article on divorce in astrology – (http://astrosanhita.com/divorce-or-separation-in-astrology-horoscope-prediction/). In this article, I have mentioned many points, if you read attentively you will be able to understand clearly. Yes, this is also true that to predict correctly one need years of experience. Anyways, one tip I can give you here so that you can understand this type of matter more clearly.
    In case of any horoscope to judge marital matter always judge two charts. One is Navamsa and another is the rashi chart. If any yoga or dosha is present in one Rashi chart but not present in the D-9 chart so the yoga or dosha will not have enough strength to give result, it could be anything related to marriage. Your question is related to divorce, the same rule is applicable in this case also. Rashi chart in astrology shows that the situation will arise (can be good or bad) and D-9 confirms that. If the 7th house of marriage and its lord in horoscope are badly afflicted in Rashi chart and D-9 then divorce is inevitable. Now the question is you will get an official divorce legally (because marriage is also a legal bonding) or only separation or staying away. If any of the partner’s chart is not indicating divorce so it can lead to separation or be staying away only. To get an official divorce the divorce should be confirmed by two partner’s chart. In case of staying away, matter 12th house is more important than the 8th house.
    I have only mentioned those points above what go well with both of your horoscopes and situation……

  2. Yes dear, take Lagna or ascendant as the first house and count 7th from there, the house of marriage. Always remember counting should be anti-clockwise in a north Indian, east Indian style chart and clockwise in south Indian style chart. Keep reading horoscopes the process will become normal to you……

    • Sir, in that case.. the above planetary positions are wrong.

      In my report: there are no planetaries in 7th house
      Mars is in 8th house
      Sat is in: 6th house
      Rahu is in : 10th house

      In my spouse report:
      Mercury, Venus and Rahu are in 7th house
      Moon and Saturn are in 9th house

      Not sure what these indications are, please throw more light on these positions.

    • Sir,

      One more thing, in my spouse chart.. there are no planets in 8th house.

      In my spouse chart: rahu is in 7th house and Saturn is in 9th house.

      In my chart: Sat is in 6th house and Mars is in 8th house so, As per your previous posts.

      Always remember, 8th house gives permanent separation and 6th house gives temporary separation.
      Which planet should be in 8th house (Perm) and 6th house (temp)? as i can see Sat is in 6th house for me and Mars is in 8th house.

      and in my spouse chart: In 6th house Sukra is there and there are not planets in 8th house?

      Jupiter makes the divorce mutual ??? Jupiter should be in with Sat or Mar if the divorce has to be mutual either in 6th house or 8th house?

    • If Saturn &a Rahu both, or any of them are in ascendant, and if those are connected with or represent any bad house then the separation between the couple is must, sometimes it also indicates legal harassment at the time of divorce..

      I am not sure about this position too, are there any indications in my chart related to this?

      I can see, both Sat and Rahu are in 6th house and 10th house in my chart.

      In my spouse chart: Rahu and Sat 7th and 9 th respectively.

  3. Yes count from asc, that is the first house

  4. Sir,

    Could you please clear my above points..

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