Is suicide destined


Hello sir
I just want to know that is suicide destined for people.
I am really very disturbed by a best friend’s death. Was this his destiny, that
He ended his life himself ?
Please help.

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  1. Through Astrology one can find out whether a person has suicidal tendencies or can have an idea in which time period these tendencies will be more pronounced. However, a person can overcome these tendencies if they get correct guidance or help at the right time. Also, if the person keeps a deep hope subconsciously within oneself despite all his/her problems that everything will be ok, from somewhere he/ she has the possibility to attract situations that can slowly resolve his problems, it some what takes us to the law of attraction. Some astrological yogas are there in vedic fluoroscopic astrology what clearly shows or tells us about suicidal tendencies. A related topic I already have discussed, please follow the link to read it – . In conclusion I only say everything is predestined as long as you are unable to communicate with your inner-self. As soon as you start connecting with ‘inner-you’, you no longer remain the same person, that opens up the world of possibilities and you become the creator of your own destiny…


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