My name is Sakshi Srivastava my dob 30/01/1995. Time 05:40 pm..when I will get job..plsss tell me.

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  1. Your place of birth is missing, please mention your place of without that data it is impossible to draw horoscope

  2. My birth place is ballia up…pls mam tell me..

  3. Hello Sakshi šŸ˜Š
    Let me know if u have an interview or if there is a job that you want to know you will get or not .
    Give a little bit detail about the job you are eyeing if there is any. I will be able to advise if that will be yours or not.
    This will be ascertained through psychic skills. Messages are obtained from the spirit world to help people.
    Warm Wishes ,

    • Sorry it a private answer.

  4. Ketu is sitting in your 10th House. It will assure a foreign trip. Your job will be in a foreign country. 10th Lord Mars is also Yogakaraka for you. He will bring fortunes to you. Mars is in the 2nd House which means your wealth will multiply. Your 11th House (House of Profit) has high 33 points in the SAV chart. You will earn well. Around March 2022 during Rahu Dasa and Ketu Antardasa, you will get your good opportunities. Be prepared for it.

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