Love marriage with a divorcee? Is it on the cards


Am trying to marry the girl with whom I have been in love for last 10 years. Somehow its not happening for reasons beyond my control despite my best efforts. This would be second marriage for her. A lot of astrologers in the past have predicted out of community love marriage for me but nothing has happened so far. Pls advice if there is marriage in the Kundali and that too love marriage for me and if yes, when since it is very late already.

Dob: 02-Jul-1972 21:00 PM
Place: Jammu

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  1. In this case both of your details are needed, If you have all details pls try to apply these rules: ( to get your answer, if you still are confused you can ask here. You also can follow this page to understand the astrological combination related to your question –

  2. Doc, unfortunately I don’t have her exact DoB with me and I am novice when it comes to reading charts.
    Still thanks for responding back.

  3. Hi, considering you dont have her birth details , the only way u can obtain future insight is spiritual/ psychic / tarot means.
    I have seen, you will have to go through some harsh obstacles before u get to point of union with ur lover. Time and hurdles both will be the challenges put before u. If u persevere , remain devoted in your love for her, remain focussed that she is the only person u want to be with no matter what happens, then you will be granted that. However, I must say u have still some more time left to demonstrate ur determination to the universe . My prediction is that u are likely to get distracted and lose motivation when u get tired of hurdles. But , it is ur free will that can help u win in this case. Now that u know u can be with her, provided you face the downs n not let it dampen your spirit, the only one thing you gotta do is — remain determined in your love, remain devoted no matter what happens. If you do, God will grant you marriage with her. There is a spiritual bonding going into past life, you have loved each other n shared a lifetime together before , the combination of emperor,high priestess n six of cups in your reading explains it all. You share a deep spiritual connection with her, when this is granted go ahead by the universe to develop fully as a marriage, you shall be blessed with perfect physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual contentment. It’s like hitting a jackpot, these connections are called “marriages made in heaven ” which explains the tedious challenges n heartaches before you get to winning line! Everyone gets married, but this Union is unique, there will be pure peace and eternal joy when it happens.She is an option in your destiny path, but you have yet to prove to the heavenly energies that you rightfully deserve her love. I wish you happiness , and pray that you get to unite with your spiritual twinflame in this lifetime.
    I hope this helps you Osca,
    Best Regards,

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    • Thank you Veni Mehta. You have been so kind with your reading and detailed explanation. I have been in love with her since the day I met her and that was more than a decade ago. I hope it all works out for me otherwise it is one more life, one more incarnation to be with her to be done with this cosmic karma.
      I often joke that I had to go though many lives & challenges to finally land in the right age & social group as hers. Marrying her and living together would be the culmination of that chase.
      Right now my chances are less than bleak to be with her because it takes 2 wings to fly and just my interest alone in her in making things happen. More than me, it is She who appears distracted and distant now hence my looking for answers. I have shifted countries, changed jobs, let go of great opportunities, just to be close to her.
      You are absolutely right about the motivation because it now is a effort on daily basis and sometimes there is a temptation to throw this all away and walk on a different path. It has been a journey of ups and downs.

      Lastly Thank you as your answer still gives me some positive energy, hope and solace. Even though I don’t claim to know God but I know I am trying hard to love God and believe in his infinite love for me.

      PS: Funnily in last few days, whenever I am thinking of her and little down, this word ‘Destiny” appears out of nowhere, either on the billboard or TV or even in Magazine.

      • Osca , im glad you found it useful , and ️thanks for your appreciation.
        Just another imp finding – the distraction in her head will be one of the biggest challenges for you. As i said, ur patience has been and will be tested a bit more. So, regardless of what happens if u continue to feel love for her And wait for her , she will be in ur life , I tell u that. She will fall flat on her face , that relation won’t go anywhere . She will be dissapointed. let her pursue the distraction Thats keeping her happy these days. It will be terribly painful to observe that .But , when she returns to u , she would know that you are worth your weight in gold ! ur love for her is pure and this is a spiritual connection, so she will have to pay the price to be in it. Which means she must have the purest intent , the highest level of love and devotion for u before she enters ur life as a partner. U will be fine. Keep busy mean while , but don’t lose hope and don’t yet move on with some one else for sake of it . U will struggle to love the new person even if they are the most desirable person to all in the world , Becoz u are spiritually bonded to this other girl we have been talking about.
        God bless u, and do keep in touch,
        Love and light x

        • Thank you Veni.
          If this happens, maybe I will have a interesting anecdote to share with my friends and Wife (with loads of gratitude towards you).
          Nowadays, I leave everything to the grace of God. If God’s will is in it then it will happen. For me, Even your message is hint form the universe to stay the course.
          Glad you responded back to my question out of so many questions put up here.


  4. Additional info- horoscopes give u an idea of how your life events can possibly unfold, but they are not a definite guide to what is going to happen in your life. The options n oppurtunities, the possibilities and potentials are shown, but what comes out of these is dependent on your thoughts n actions. How u handle these determines the result. Do not worry what the horoscopes indicate, the power to define your life path actually is in your hands, via the powerful gift called free will. I have known cases where in the horoscope there was no indication of divorce and yet it happened, and cases where there was no indication of marriage happiness in horoscope, yet the person got blessed with the most blissful marriage with petson of their choice. There was a woman I’d known ,whose charts said she would not have child, she’d been to hundreds of astrologers , but with the power of God she conceived and was blessed with twins. Remember, the events in your horoscope are showing becoz of God’s will , so God has the power to change these based upon the purity of your intent n karma . Only thing- You Gotta be deserving of his Mercy ..

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