marriage – will marriage happen or not?


I’m Hari born on 02 Aug 1988, 08:37 pm Tiruchirappalli (Tamil Nadu).

Last dec04,2016 got engaged( intercaste) but marriage got cancelled, she is from poor family so we take care of marriage expenses. Even told to give her salary to her parents it will be helpful for them. but some reason they stopped the marriage.

we had huge financial and family status loss..will the girl family come back or do i need to find another girl,I went again to her house but no respect they gave throw me in road.

will marriage happen or not (if yes arrange or love, same caste or intercaste and when)?

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  1. I am feeling really sorry for you and on the other hand your question has made me laugh too. You had promised to give salary to her parents!!!!??? were you getting married or hiring a wife??? I am very curious to know what made you to do all these? Anyways, you have shared her details in your questions so what i am going to predict that may not match properly or better to say may match upto 50%. After judging your horoscope through vedic astrological rules, I found that there is a very little chance for her to come back in your life, but if there would be a similar yoga in her chart too or a strong combination of reunion so both of you can be reunited. In lack of her birth details I was unable to draw her horoscope, any ways if you have any doubt you can ask anytime.

  2. Thanks Suklaji..True love from inner heart..Arranged only saw her first time in her home(that was also first time experience for me going to bride home, very happy to see them all).. we look for nice people.. felt bad to see their condition and poverty, came forward and help them but they where not deserved it..

    yeah she asked me to help her parent, I even came forward and said can I support them. For that she said no her salary alone enough to her family.. I said ok, because we are not depend on her money and took all marriage expenses..

    Very shameful for me and my family but with my handwork only I came up in life thinking that I overcome that disaster.

    Suklaji please find her details,
    DOB: 24/11/1990
    Time: 09:25 AM
    Place: Kannur


  3. I can understand your matter, I am sorry that I reacted in that way by seeing your horoscope and question. Actually the question compelled me to think in that way. Anyways, i have judged your partners detail also after judging her horoscope according to vedic astrology and found that there is no future of this relationship. That’s all I can say here. I am sorry for your loss. Best of luck.

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