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I am very curious to know what does Queen of Cups in Tarot readings represent?Can you pyrls give me a little explanation?
I am told it is represents a very emotional person. Is that true?

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  1. Heres an answer on my favourite subject and my favourite card ! The Queen of Cups…
    She is the lady who holds mastery over emotions, both handling them best for herself and helping others understand / deal with theirs. She reads , senses and related with emotions better than anyone else. Such women are often the best counsellors , healers and best friend one can have when it comes to discussing emotions. She is not emotional in a weak way , she holds mastery over human emotions ! She is very balanced and very logical when it comes to dealing with emotions. So , in answer to your question the queen of cups is on the other end of the spectrum , she has capability to sense another persons feelings/ desires and thoughts and comfort them in the way they would love to be. She is the real go to person for everyone when it comes to relationship dilemas.
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