Whether love marriage is written in my kundali and the time of marriage


I am vasu born on 7th august 1993 and time of birth 4:30 pm and place of birth warangal . I love a girl from different community and her details are name siri date of birth 27 august 1993 and time of birth karimnagar. Will i marry her and in which year i will marry her???do love marriage is written in my fate???

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  1. I have seen your horoscope, frankly speaking I did not find any love marriage yoga in your chart. Love relationships will come in your life in certain periods (mahadasa, antardasa) but that will not convert into marriage finally, I am requesting you to consult a good astrologer as I am still in learning stage. What I have mentioned here that is according to my understanding only. Best of luck.

  2. Hari Om,

    According your birth chart and energy readings, prospects of love marriage are present but difficult. Lots of family troubles might be present initially, which will get resolved with time.

    God bless you

  3. Psychic / tarot insight – star + ace of wands + ten of cups in your readng tell me that you have potential for settling down with a person you love. Potential means a possibility , and this can be made reality only if you put determined efforts in that direction. When you reach the highest level of determination in your mind then you realise that you are actually capable of bringing about desired changes in your life.
    So, stop speculating, it’s clear that there is potential , there are hurdles , so the answer is — WORK HARD & WORK SMART to achieve your goal and if you do what it takes then YES, you will have her in your life …
    Having a lottery win potential in destiny is useless if the person doesnt get up and go buy a lottery ticket !
    Being happy after knowing there is potential is also useless unless you have utilised that potential to achieve your goal …
    Hope this helps you Vasu,
    Best Regards,

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