which studies for my daughter?


my daughter is soon going to have to choose future universities and fields of study.
she has no idea what to do.
her dob is november 24, 2000 at 10.53 pm toronto canada

can you please help?
thank you

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  1. I already have given a same type of answer recently in this forum you can check here – https://forum.astrosanhita.com/questions/which-groupdegrees-to-select-for-studies/ . Always remember in case of college degrees you should judge it from the 5th house and for further studies you can check the 9th house. Due to various planetary combinations a person can go to many various field, that detail also you can get in my articles – http://astrosanhita.com/astrology/education-horoscope-in-astrology/ . For further guidance you can always ask question dear……

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