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Hello Sir,
My Date of birth is 1st May 1988 and time of birth is Evening 5:30 PM. Place of birth is secunderabad.
I am living separately from my husband since a very long time. Is there any possibility of reunion between us. Since he had already filed a divorce petition against me.


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Nagalakshmi Kakarla 1 year 1 Answer 290 views 0

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  1. Hello Nagalakshmi ,
    I can feel your anxiety and pain.
    Based on my psychic and Tarot findings, I would advise you that it is in your best interest to move on. He has actually moved on my dear, he does not feel your absence not does he grieve the loss of your relationship. Move on, find some one new and start a new life . You deserve a person who values your love , you are number one. That man has failed.
    May God give u strength and courage to go through these changes and bring you to the point of abundant happiness again ,very soon.
    Warm Wishes,

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