Divorce/extra marital affair


My husband is living abroad and i am in india with our 10 months old baby. He suddenly stopped talking to us and responds angrily/rudely if i try to contact him.i wanted to know if my husband is having an affair? will our marriage end in divorce or will sustain?

My dob: 2/6/87
Time: 8.55 am
Place: Vadodara

Spouse: dob: 11/3/83
Time: 7.55 pm
Place: ludhiana

Marriage date: 18/3/2014

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  1. Your husband seems to be going through tough time himself. If you totally stop contacting him, he will eventually contact you but that might take a very long time. It will be best for you to live in India and care for your child with family support until you decide whether to continue in the marriage.

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