How to bring a smooth progress under Sade sati? love, business


Hi! I\’m Sanjib Chatterjee. DOB 25th November 1984. time 6:00 am place-Kolkata How will be the 2017? How to bring a smooth progress under Sade sati? Which place will be the best for my career growth and expansion? Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, or Bangalore? Which place will be good for business? What kind of business will be best for me? What about the relationship? What will be the qualities of my partner? recommended zodiac sign, ascendant of the partner

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  1. You have covered almost a part of your life in your question. It is not possible to answer here. The reason is I only can educate here how to find out your answers from your horoscope, please ask one by one in separate questions so that I can answer you……

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