Marriage at stage of divorce


MY name Vaibhav Mehta DOB 25-02-1989 Time : 1:20 AM Place : PALI Rajasthan
My wife PRERNA JAIN DOB -13-11-1988 Time : 1:30 AM Place JODHPUR Rajasthan.
We married on 3 Jan 2015, she left me on 9 Nov 2017 and doen’t want to come back . She needs divorce but not filing and when I asked several astrologer they said its good she is leaving, else she will spoil your life you have good life without her. But I am still not able to convinced myself to leave her I am still attached to her. all saying she has Rahu in 7 and mars in 8 so she will having affairs and I have also seen her in.2 months but if she will come to may and say sorry and will live forever with me I am happy with it. But nothing is working for me

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