Marriage at stage of divorce


MY name Vaibhav Mehta DOB 25-02-1989 Time : 1:20 AM Place : PALI Rajasthan
My wife PRERNA JAIN DOB -13-11-1988 Time : 1:30 AM Place JODHPUR Rajasthan.
We married on 3 Jan 2015, she left me on 9 Nov 2017 and doen’t want to come back . She needs divorce but not filing and when I asked several astrologer they said its good she is leaving, else she will spoil your life you have good life without her. But I am still not able to convinced myself to leave her I am still attached to her. all saying she has Rahu in 7 and mars in 8 so she will having affairs and I have also seen her in.2 months but if she will come to may and say sorry and will live forever with me I am happy with it. But nothing is working for me

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  1. Hi V ! I feel your pain, and I know how hard it must be for u to let go, but my friend, we all have to learn to take no for an answer sometimes in life.
    The lady walked out on you.
    She doesn’t want to come back.
    She was unable to nurture your soul and nourish your emotions despite being your wife. She failed you.
    She’s made u feel emotionally helpless n made u seek advise for emotional reassuarance pillar to post.
    She doesn’t acknowledge that giving u divorce will allow u to move on with life, considering that she herself has left u since Nov.
    My friend, what more will it take for u to acknowledge that your precious Mrs perpetually behaves in an unaccountable manner. It appears, she has very little consideration for how she makes others feel with her actions.Your life/ your emotions/ your future/ your dreams / your love ; you must only link these with a person who has demonstrated solid ability to value these. I appreciate you love her still, but what you think is love, that is actually you wanting to hold on merely for fear of loss , letting go- u subconconsciously fear …will cause pain.
    Mr V , love is beautiful , love is abundant. Love is when she makes you feel secure n warm in the heart. When a person loves you they kiss the ground you walk on , not hang u upside down to dry n walk away. Marriage and divorce are social stickers , it’s the loving, caring, supporting and sacrificing relation that keeps two persons together.
    If your relation had these most wanted ingredients, you would not have been left to lick your wounds yourself . Your don’t need an astro/ psychic , I feel u need a good friend to guide u at this time. My dear Enjoy life, set urself free of emotional ties, regain your true self , give urself a second chance , why be so harsh on yourself ? Go out n chill with friends , you sound like a lovely person , let’s find a partner who knows how to love you . You are important, you are number 1, Dust yourself and get up dude , celebrate being you , You deserve it!
    Good riddance to her !!

  2. Psychic and tarot wise – you and her still have some unfinished business. That does not mean it is happy experience of being together. There are lessons to learn and soul needs to grow wiser. You can either use ur intelligence and change the direction of ur life, or you can remain in this relation and go through the suffering until time is up and then nature will change the direction of your life. If i was you, I’d chose intelligence as time of life that is lost trying to save miserable relations , never comes back.

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