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My husband is living abroad and i am in india with our 10 months old baby. He suddenly stopped talking to us and responds angrily/rudely if i try to contact him.i wanted to know if my husband is having an affair? will our marriage end in divorce or will sustain?

My dob: 2/6/87. Spouse: dob: 11/3/83
Time: 8.55 am. Time: 7.55 pm
Place: Vadodara Place: ludhiana

Marriage date: 18/3/2014

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  1. Psychic and Tarot insight :- Hello, I can understand your anxiety and worry. Please try and be patient, which I know is extremely hard given the circumstances u are in. However, that’s the advise from spiritual world , gather your patience.
    He is spaced out. He is under stress. He needs time and space to sort out his feelings. The only way you can support him at this time is by allowing him the time to regain his mental balance and peace. He has some association with women, but he is not having an affair as such. Right know he has no emotional or mental energy to give to anyone, so any encounter he has is purely his effort to de-stress himself . I see him with u in future, your family will remain intact provided u don’t lose patience and Fire him due to his careless approach towards u. When he comes , he will need love , and u will then find out how disturbed he has been because of many issues. Please support him , even if it is the hardest thing to do at this time my dear.
    Hope this helps you,
    Best Regards,
    Love and light x

  2. Awww you are very welcome my darling , look after yourself in the mean time .. It’s you who needs a lot of care and only you can make sure you are protecting yourself from any unnecessary anxiety.
    Nothing is more important than your own well being .
    Warm wishes my dear,

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