Venus, 9th house of horoscope and second marriage


sir, placement of strong Venus in 9th house indicate second marriage, is it true?

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Vinod Beotra 1 year 1 Answer 850 views 0

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  1. The first rule to judge any horoscope – do not go by any thumb rule always. Ninth house is the house of luck, as it is 3rd from 7th house of marriage, so some astrologers take it as second marriage house and third from 9th as third marriage house. To predict first marriage is still clear to many people and on most of the points maximum astrologers support each other’s opinion also. but, second, third marriages and so on are very tricky to judge. One need years of experience and guidance of good guru to predict perfectly. To judge so tricky matter you should not depend on one planet’s position only. You should see the whole combination. Like 8th and the second house also play a very important role in second marriages……

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