Will I get married to her, the love of my life?


I would like to know if I’ll get married to this girl that I met around June 2016. We met on Facebook, we met in person and fell in love. I informed my parents and they liked her too. We had made all the plans to get married. But since June 2017, things turned sour completely. In September 2017, she asked me to move on because I had asked her to leave me constantly. I want to know If i will get married to her or not please.

My Birthday: 7th May, 1983; time: 23.10; Place of birth: Bondamunda, Rourkela, Orissa.
Her Birthday: 29th April, 1991; Time not known; Place of birth: Andaman, Andaman Nicobar.

Kindly help.

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