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Venus In 3rd House In Horoscope

Just I discussed in my last post venus in lagan.We can easily predict general characteristics.3rd house is 2nd from 2nd house.It means extension/growth of 2nd house. What is the 2nd house? assets,family,things we value, 3rd house represents courage which we put the family (2nd house) i.e. it represents friends, neighbours, our imagination.It represents our artistic talent.

Venus In 3rd House In Horoscope

Taurus Influence

Now Taurus influence will be used in 3rd house. So a person will have sweet voice, neighbours assets and will look attractive among relatives neighbours. If this venus has a connection with 10th house and moon or kritika nakshatra (known for cutter) then the person might work in hotel or a good cook.

Libra Influence

Ve is going to 9th house from 7th. So it will give positive energy to native after marriage. Partner will always guide the naive. partner will be talented too.Marriage may happen among close relatives. Partner will be like more as a friend.

Venus In Aquarius:

As the year comes to an end, with new year resolutions in mind or whatnot, we tend to think in ideas this time of year. The way we wish things were. And with this Venus placement– as long as we can accept some of the things we cannot change and come to a compromise that makes everyone involved obliging, hell, even happy- we might actually be able to see our visions through. Especially, especially– if your vision includes others’ needs as much as your own, if not more… remember, Jupiter is in Libra, Venus rules Libra, and Jupiter wants to say “yes” to everyone. To give. To love. To include…

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  1. Thanks, Dipti you have provided great information about Venus. List of best astrologers in India who are providing the same content on the horoscope.

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