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Venus In First House In Horoscope

Venus in first house:-

Before understanding its effect ,we must understand the qualities of ve It carries qualities of taurus and libra. Venus in taurus sign acts sensual,beauty,love in a physical way while ve in libra focus on maintiaining harmony in relationship through mind as libra is airy sign. Now if ve is in lagan, it uses these 2 signs qualities through lagan.Lets discuss these 2 signs qualities.

Taurus qualities…….

Person with ve in lagan will has interest in materialistic assets and it will reflected on his/her personality.Person will be demanding in these luxuries things.Since taurus represent food too, person may be foody too.

Libra qualities….

Person will like to make relationship with opposite sex, since it is aspecting 7th house too.Since it is a airy sign (ruling mind and imagination), person may has to suffer pain,happiness,failure in relationship through out the life So as a whole ,person will be materialstic oriented,luxurious,attractive and easily attracted towards opposite gender

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  1. Hi Dipti, I have read somewhere that venus is first house (any planet) generally makes the person very beautiful/good looking/easy on eye. Is it true? and If so can you pls explain?

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